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$ 11.7 MILLION

Median capital investment from FDI projects from 2007 to today. 

“When we entered the stage where it was time to transition from research and prototype development to actual production of the HondaJet, we looked at locations everywhere, including Seattle, Texas and Atlanta. Overall, North Carolina met our criteria best.”

M I C H I M I A S A   F U J I N O, 

P R E S I D E N T  &  C E O   O F   H O N D A   A I R C R A F T   C O M P A N Y

Over the last 10 years, more than 560 international companies have put down roots in North Carolina. These companies found North Carolina to be a land of low-costs and high opportunity—furthered by hardworking, well-trained people, a welcoming business and regulatory environment, and a state-wide community that’s committed to helping international businesses succeed in North Carolina.

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Over the last 10 years, more than 560 international businesses have 
located or expanded in North Carolina


Number of countries investing in North Carolina from 2007 to today.

52,154 JOBS

Created through foreign direct investment over the last 10 years.

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Brad Helton
Business Development Manager, 

Military & Defense Industry
+1 (919) 447 - 7805

Korey Howard
Senior Manager,

 International Business Development
+1 (919) 447 - 7797


Number of industries with FDI representation in North Carolina.

Get an Inside Look at Foreign Direct Investment in North Carolina

There's a reason big names in business keep arriving here.

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