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Fayetteville, NC

For those who are new to International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or who have never had any formal ITAR training, this seminar will help you understand what ITAR is and how it governs defense-related exports.

Participants will go through an overview of ITAR, beginning with the identification of which products can be subject to its regulations, followed by the application and registration process, and finishing up with licensing and other areas of control. A copy of ITAR regulations and other course reference material will be distributed to each participant at the start of the seminar. Companies involved with military and defense articles and services will not want to miss this comprehensive program.

Topics covered throughout the seminar will include: knowing and understanding your responsibilities as an exporter of defense products, services, and technical data; identifying who is a ‘U.S. person’ and who is subject to ITAR; familiarity with the U.S. Munitions list (USML) and how to look up products; reviewing various license types, exemptions, and what to expect if a license is required; the definition of D-Trade, how to use it, and its application process; record keeping requirements and strategies for compliance; compliance with manufacturing licenses and technical assistance agreements; and how to avoid violations, penalties, and administrative procedures.

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