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May 19, 2022

How many times have you just filled out a document not knowing what all the required fields meant and copied it from a prior document simply because that has always been how things are done? Have you ever been told that your shipment is “stuck” in customs because of a lack of information or a document that is missing or not filled out correctly? How many times has your company been charged for unnecessary “documentation” fees or held up on a shipment because the documents had to be corrected? If you just want to make sure you are filling things out correctly or you have questions, problems, or delays due to documentation problems this training program is a must for you.

This program will help you understand when and how you should be filling out certain international documents listed below. We will go through each document, step by step, and you will know where to go and what to look for in your own documents to be able to fill them out accurately and know when they are required. Many companies are exposing themselves unnecessarily to shipment delays, Customs audits, and demurrage charges because there is incomplete or inaccurate documentation for the shipment. Why not learn what documents you should be filling out and how to do so accurately so you can keep your customers, distributors, and company ahead of schedule?

Topics Covered:

– Understand how to correctly fill out: Commercial invoices, Packing Lists, Bills of Lading, SED’s, Certificates of Origin, Dock receipts and Fish & Wildlife.

– Shippers Export Declaration- (SED)

– Understanding every field and how you are required to fill out each field.

– How to Minimize delays in Customs by having all of the information the first time.

– What other documents can be used to reduce delays, eliminate demurrage and shorten your product cycle.

– Why you should be using a DCS Statement on all of your invoices both domestic & international.

– Understanding which countries still require a wood certificate.

– What does the legalization of documents mean and for which country