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February 6, 2018
Greensboro, NC

Many companies are exposing themselves unnecessarily by not regularly reviewing or understanding their own classifications. Importers and exporters are required to use reasonable care and due diligence in determining accurate classifications. Why not learn how to begin that process and keep your company in compliance?

This program will help you begin to understand how to use the Harmonized Tariff System for imports and the Schedule B listing for exports. Attendees will learn and review the 6 GRI- General Rules of Interpretation used to classify every product and will go through instructor & CBP based sample classifications using each of the GRI’s. Instructors will show how CBP reviews binding ruling requests and what that means for your products.

As a result of the training, attendees will know where to go for help and what to look for with regard to their company’s product(s).
Topics covered

  • Understand how, why and when the Harmonized Tariff Schedule was created.
  • Learn what the GRI – General Rules of Interpretation are and how they are used on every classification.
  • Review the roles of a customs broker, freight forwarder and importer/exporter of record.
  • Learn the difference between a Schedule B & HTS number.
  • Understand how to use the CROSS- Customs ruling on-line search system.
  • Review instructor & CBP based specific classification examples.
  • Review chapter 98 for proper U.S. Goods returned/repairs/warranty classifications.
  • Go through the abbreviations for commodity classification and units of quantity/measure.
  • Determine the difference between duty, user fees, and antidumping/countervailing duties.

What you’ll receive:  All course materials will be provided.

Funding Source: Eligible companies can send 1 company employee at no charge.  Additional attendees will each need to pay a $250 registration fee directly to Allocca Enterprises.

Contact Info

Jen Vogelsberg