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July 23, 2023 - July 25, 2023
St. Johns, Newfoundland

The SEUS-CP Alliance provides strategic procurement and partnership opportunities for businesses. The 2023 conference will include a B2B program to connect company delegates with businesses that are seeking new suppliers of goods, services, and innovative technologies across the green and blue economies. Delegates will have the opportunity to meet a number of potential customers, partners, agents, distributors and other key industry contacts in several key areas:

  • Transitioning to Clean Energy (electrification, clean growth strategies, innovation (carbon capture, utilization, storage), greenhouse gas reductions)
  • Sustainable Transportation (ocean vessels, land vehicles, aerospace, critical and rare earth minerals, charging/access to recharging/infrastructure, autonomous vehicles)
  • Port Development for the 21st Century (electrification, export opportunities, modernization, climate change/weather adaptations, decarbonization)
  • Monitoring and Observation for Asset Protection (subsea imaging, ocean sensors, asset monitoring, satellite observations)

Contact Info

Mike Hubbard