North Carolina exporters can sign up for an upcoming free webinar about a new program to help businesses in the state translate and globalize their websites to increase their international sales.

The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC), which supports exporters on behalf of the state, is partnering with the Miami-based company IBT Online in the North Carolina Online Global Program. The one-hour webinar introducing and explaining the program is scheduled 10 a.m. Monday, June 17.

“Our new program will assist North Carolina exporters who are ready to localize their websites for specific markets around the world, in order to grow brand awareness, generate new leads and increase exports,” said John Loyack, vice president for EDPNC global business services.

IBT Online provides website localization and international online marketing services, including country-specific search engine optimization and social media promotion.

North Carolina businesses should visit the IBT Online website to register for the webinar or find out further details about the program.

While IBT Online charges for its services, the EDPNC is administering federal grant funds that will help eligible small businesses in North Carolina – those with 500 or fewer employees – reduce those costs.

“Any company’s most valuable selling tool is its website,” Loyack said. “So it makes sense for the EDPNC to directly connect businesses to experts who can help them globalize their websites.”

The EDPNC chose to partner with IBT Online because it has years of experience working with economic development organizations in states including Florida, Michigan, Missouri, California, Oregon and others, Loyack added.

“The North Carolina program targets business that have already seen some success in international sales and are now ready to localize their websites in more than one global market,” Loyack said. “We’re hoping for a strong turnout for our June 17 webinar.”

Mike Hubbard, director of international trade at EDPNC, and Susanna Hardy, chief content officer at IBT Online, will be conducting the webinar.