When starting a business, speak with those who have helped start thousands of them.

Business Link North Carolina (BLNC) is a free resource for anyone seeking to start a small business in the state. We offer one-on-one phone consultations to hundreds of individuals interested in establishing a business start-up, small business owners in need of general support, and small-business entrepreneurs interested in moving to North Carolina.

Our team of business counselors offers straightforward, easy-to-understand guidance in both English and Spanish on topics including regulatory requirements, licensing stipulations, small-business training and more.

To get started with a BLNC business counselor, call us toll free at (800) 228-8443 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Business Planning Checklist

  • 1

    Create a business plan.

    For any business, the first step is to turn your basic idea into a written, viable plan of action. A well-thought-out business plan is necessary for obtaining loans and is a model for your success.

  • 2

    Decide on your business structure and register your business name.

    Be sure to carefully consider the management, structural and tax implications of your decision.

  • 3

    Get license requirements.

    The State of North Carolina does not issue a single business license. Your business may be subject to state, city, county and/or federal requirements.

    Call our Business Link North Carolina (BLNC) team at (800) 228-8443 or (919) 447-7828 to determine your state license needs.

  • 4

    Obtain the necessary tax information.

    Taxation for small businesses may be simple or complex, depending on the size and  structure of your business. The tax liability for each business will be different.

    Consult your attorney and accountant regarding comprehensive tax planning.

  • 5

    Identify sources of financing.

    We can provide you an overview of financial resources available for small business owners in North Carolina.

  • 6

    Learn about employer reporting requirements and responsibilities.

    Learn more about how to register as an employer, unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.

Contact the BLNC Team

(800) 228-8443
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.