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North Carolina Ranked America's 2023 Top State for Business

For the second year in a row, CNBC has named North Carolina America’s Top State for Business. A world-class workforce played a major role in securing the top spot as did a thriving economy and a low cost of living.

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Whether your business has roots in North Carolina or you want to relocate your business here, North Carolina is primed for you to succeed.

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Low Taxes and Going Lower

At 2.5%, North Carolina has the nation’s most competitive corporate income tax. By 2030, it will drop to 0%. Combined with a flat income tax and low property and sales tax rates statewide, your company can work towards a strong bottom line.

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Build and Run a Business For Less

Building and expanding your business is more economical here with commercial construction and electricity costs well below the national average. And North Carolina ranks 3rd in the nation for least expensive water and sewage rates.

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A Favorable Legal & Regulatory Environment

Recent tort reform, streamlined practices, and the strengthening of business courts have given North Carolina one of the best legal climates in the US. When there’s less red tape and litigation, your business can reach new heights, faster.

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An Economy That Rises Above the Rest

North Carolina‘s population and job growth far outpace the national average, and our GDP hit a historic high of approximately $760B in 2022. The economic forecast shows growth in every major industry category through the next five years.

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