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North Carolina Business Opportunities
NC At A Glance
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The North Carolina Advantage

From bustling urban centers to miles of rural landscape North Carolina’s momentum is propelled by low business costs, groundbreaking university research, diverse culture, superior infrastructure, and a pace of life that attracts a talented workforce. 

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A Business Climate That Cultivates Success

North Carolina has rightfully earned the title of America’s Top State for Business by CNBC in 2022 and 2023. Our corporate tax rate is phasing out, and our personal income tax is decreasing each year, giving your company’s bottom line room to grow. 

North Carolina Business Area Downtown

Diverse and Skilled Workforce

North Carolina workers are talented and ready to work. Our highly skilled, educated and diverse workforce comes from the state’s top-tier universities, its abundant historically Black colleges and universities, and its 58-campus community college system. 

North Carolina Education and Workforce

This Quality of Life is Worth the Move 

A moderate climate. Excellent recreational opportunities. Culture-rich history and arts. Growingly inclusive communities. Quality healthcare. And a low cost of living. No wonder North Carolina attracts tens of thousands of newcomers each year. 

North Carolina Quality of Life

Jump Start Success with Business Incentives 

Our competitive, targeted, and performance-based incentive programs help offset the cost of relocating or expanding in North Carolina by lessening the tax burden and lowering overall costs of doing business. 

North Carolina Business Incentives

An Infrastructure Built for Growth

With a central location on the Eastern Seaboard and excellent transportation infrastructure, North Carolina provides an optimal point of access to markets and customers, keeping freight and delivery costs low. 

North Carolina Infrastructure

A Leader in Clean Energy

North Carolina is at the forefront of transitioning to a clean energy economy. Through legislation and bold action, the state is diversifying its energy resource arsenal to include more sustainable and lower-cost sources. 

North Carolina Clean Energy

Find Your Site and Move On It

From mega to certified shovel-ready, a wide selection of sites are available for you to explore.

construction site

We chose North Carolina for several reasons, including its extensive and well-maintained infrastructure, four international airports and two seaports, its consistent ranking as one of the top states to do business, its world-class education system, and, importantly, its outstanding and diverse workforce.

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