Industries in North Carolina

Our wide variety of talent attracts a wide variety of industries.

Business is Booming in North Carolina

Once known for tobacco and textiles, North Carolina has evolved to become a global force, one driven by knowledge-based industries. Biotechnology, energy, finance and information technology are just a few of the many business sectors that are rapidly growing and succeeding here, and a range of leading companies call our state home to their corporate headquarters.

Advanced Manufacturing

North Carolina’s history of leadership in manufacturing began with tobacco, textiles, and furniture. Now, our innovative economy has the largest advanced manufacturing workforce in the Southeast.

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As the birthplace of aviation, North Carolina continues to innovate and support the aerospace industry to reach new frontiers.

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Automotive & EV

The birthplace of stock-car racing and the nexus of all things NASCAR, North Carolina is home to more than 250 automotive manufacturing establishments.

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Corporate Headquarters

North Carolina’s consistently top-ranked business climate, low cost of living, robust infrastructure, and highly educated workforce all create an incomparable environment for corporate success.

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A top-notch tech innovation ecosystem, defense contractor opportunities, academic and industry partnerships, and an expansive commitment to national defense will help your company succeed here.

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With a focus on the film industry since 1980, North Carolina has developed a network of small businesses that know and understand the business and its unique needs.

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Financial Services & Fintech

Our top-ranked business climate, low cost of living, and access to a highly educated workforce lay the perfect foundation for startups and industry stalwarts to achieve growth.

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Food & Beverage Manufacturing

North Carolina’s low cost of labor, its low corporate tax rates, and its manufacturing talent all attract companies in the furniture field.

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Furniture Manufacturing

North Carolina’s furniture industry consists of 800+ furniture manufacturers and 2,000+ suppliers in wood, steel, and metal products and textiles manufacturing. Our concentration of furniture manufacturing activity is nearly 3x the national average.

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Life Sciences

North Carolina’s biotechnology industry runs deep and wide, with specialties ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturing and health informatics to crop genetic engineering.

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Plastics & Chemicals

North Carolina’s work in the plastics and chemicals industry is reaching new heights. Whether you specialize in plastics or chemical manufacturing, we have the infrastructure to help your company make its mark.


North Carolina is investing in resources and infrastructure to support technology and innovation. We’re a top tech hub in sectors like software, life sciences, fintech, cybersecurity, defense, agriculture, and entrepreneurship.

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Textiles & Nonwovens

North Carolina is where a rich textile tradition meets a thriving, high-tech, manufacturing hub, creating an unparalleled environment for both textiles and nonwovens companies.

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Nearly 50,000 North Carolina businesses produce goods and services to support tourism and hospitality. Travelers contribute more than 25 percent to their total products and services.

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