International Logistics Park

1,040 Acre International Logistics Park Megasite


Certified Site

18 Miles

From the Port of Wilmington

12 Miles

to Nearest International Airport

aerial view of international logistics park
Logistics Park

Strategically located on the border of Brunswick and Columbus counties in a Tier-1 area, the International Logistics Park is a certified megasite adjacent to everything you need.

International Airports Within a 90-Minute Drive
Phase 1 ESA
Located Nearby
Located Nearby

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International Logistics Park Water
International Logistics Park Sewer
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  • What is a megasite?

    A megasite is a large parcel of developable land that is considered “shovel-ready” and can quickly break ground on large industrial operations.

    North Carolina’s multiple strategically located megasites offer advanced manufacturers the perfect opportunity to grow with the lowest corporate income tax in the US, an abundance of skilled workers, and convenient access to major markets, consumers, and suppliers.

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  • What is a certified site?

    A certified site is a property that has gone through a rigorous pre-qualification process and is considered “shovel-ready” for development. North Carolina offer a Certified Sites Program as well as has several in-state companies that offer site certification programs. The certification process provided in these programs offers more shovel-ready sites and assists site selectors in making informed choices.

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  • Why choose North Carolina?

    From bustling urban centers to miles of open spaces, North Carolina is in a state of momentum. Propelled by low business costs, groundbreaking university research, diverse culture, superior infrastructure, North Carolina offers a pace of life that attracts talented people and encourages them to refuel. Don’t believe us? Check out our state comparison to get a side-by-side view of North Carolina and other states.


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