The North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBiotech) collaborates with North Carolina communities to attract life science economic development projects. Its Life Science Economic Development team provides industry-specific expertise and resources. NCBiotech also supports community efforts through its Economic Development Award (EDA) program.

The EDA program provides performance-based grants to local units of government in support of life science company projects. Grants are linked to job creation and retention milestones for specific company projects in the locality of interest. The local government administers the grant and allocates funds to the company to be used for project-related investments providing sustainable benefit to the company and community. NCBiotech partners with both community and company to determine the appropriate use of EDA funds.

EDA grants awards are made in amounts of up to $100,000 per project based on project job-creation estimates. As for all of its funding programs, NCBiotech has established a review and award process for the EDA Program. Companies and local units of government apply for this program by invitation from the Center’s Life Science Economic Development staff.


For more information about the North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s Economic Development Award Program, contact Laura Rowley, Director , Technology & Talent at the N.C. Biotechnology Center at (919) 549-8864 or

The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina does not award or administer this incentive. This award is administered by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center.