Joint Economic Development Program

The NC Department of Transportation and the North Carolina Department of Commerce work closely together to provide transportation improvements and infrastructure that expedites industrial/commercial growth and provides new jobs or job retention.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) works closely with the North Carolina Department of Commerce to provide transportation improvements and infrastructure that will expedite industrial/commercial growth and provide new jobs or retain existing ones. Projects must be approved by both the Secretary of Transportation and the Secretary of Commerce. 

Funds may be awarded up to $2,500 per new job, with a $400,000 limit per project. To be eligible for funding, the project must have met the following criteria: 

  • Right-of-way must be provided at no cost to the NCDOT;
  • Utility relocations must be accomplished at no cost to the NCDOT;
  • New access roads will be along an NCDOT-approved alignment serving multiple property owners or government-owned
  • property. These new roads will become a part of the state highway system or serve as a public road maintained by a governmental agency, and
  • New industrial access roads will terminate at the property line of the facility.

The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina does not award or administer this incentive. All economic development incentives are awarded and administered by the North Carolina Department of Commerce. 

  • Eligible Use for Joint Economic Development Program

    Eligible project costs include: 

    • Engineering and design 
    • Site preparation, including grading and drainage 
    • Track construction 
    • Switches 
    • Grade crossings and signals 

    Ineligible project costs include: 

    • Relocation of utilities 
    • Acquisition of right-of-way 
    • Unloading facilities 
  • Basic Requirements for Eligibility for the Joint Economic Development Program

    Projects should contribute to economic growth and development by attracting new and expanding companies that will increase employment opportunities for North Carolina citizens. 

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