The North Carolina Railroad Company (“NCRR”) is a private corporation that owns and manages the 317-mile rail corridor stretching
from Charlotte to the Port Terminal at Morehead City. The Company’s stock shares are owned solely by the State of North Carolina
and its mission is to develop the unique NCRR assets for the good of the people of North Carolina.

The North Carolina Railroad Company (NCRR) NCRR Invests program provides assistance to companies that take advantage of the
state’s freight rail opportunities and create jobs by locating or expanding their company in North Carolina. The goal of any NCRR
investment is to drive job creation and economic growth that would not necessarily take place otherwise.

Eligible Use

North Carolina Railroad Company will evaluate requests for investments in the engineering, design, construction or related costs
associated with the rail infrastructure needs of a potential new company location or expansion. Eligible rail-related needs include,
but are not limited to:
• Lead, Siding, and Other Tracks
• Engineering/Design
• Rail Roadbed Construction
• Rights-of-Way Identification
• Rail Loading Facilities
• Railroad Signals
• Site Grading & Drainage (for track prep)

Basic Requirements for Eligibility

Investment decisions taken into consideration will include, but are not limited to the factors listed below. NCRR will evaluate all rail
infrastructure needs for projects, regardless of location or rail operator. Priority will be given to those marked with an asterisk (*).
• Company’s new job creation*
• Company located on or off NCRR corridor*
• Average wage of new jobs
• Company’s financial capacity for proposed project completion and full operational activities
• Company’s capital investment
• Company’s anticipated rail use
• Competition: whether a company is considering locations outside North Carolina and the extent to which a funding gap exists
which impairs North Carolina’s ability to compete


For more information about the Job Development Investment Grant or information regarding a new company relocation or expansion project, contact the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina at (919) 447-7744 or

The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina does not award or administer this incentive. This economic development incentive is awarded and administered by the North Carolina Railroad Company.