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The NCRR Invests program provides assistance to companies that take advantage of the state’s freight rail opportunities and create jobs by locating or expanding their company in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Railroad Company owns and manages the 317-mile rail corridor stretching from Charlotte to the Port at Morehead City, which we lease to Norfolk Southern Corp., a Class I freight railroad. We reinvest the revenue back into the railroad and across the state — to ensure that this critical lifeline for freight rail service is ready to meet the current and future needs of businesses looking to grow or locate in our state. We’re committed to helping expand economic opportunities, attract new industry and create good jobs — today, and well down the line. 

The North Carolina Railroad Company partners with the state’s economic development community and railroads on initiatives designed to drive job creation, freight rail use, and economic growth. Through NCRR Invests we evaluate requests for investments to address the freight rail infrastructure needs of companies considering location or expansion in the state. For a full program description and project examples, please go to this link. 

The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina does not award or administer this incentive. This economic development incentive is awarded and administered by the North Carolina Railroad Company. 

  • Eligible Use for NCRR Invests

    North Carolina Railroad Company will evaluate requests for investments in the engineering, design, construction or other costs associated with the rail infrastructure needs of a company’s potential location or expansion. Eligible rail-related needs include, but are not limited to: 

    • Rights-of-way 
    • Design/Engineering 
    • Site grading & drainage for tracks 
    • Lead, siding & other railroad track construction 
    • Railroad signals 
    • Rail loading facilities 
  • Basic Requirements for Eligibility for NCRR Invests

    Information Required for Project Submission: 

    • Project Summary 
    • Company Overview 
    • Job creation schedule & wages 
    • Investment schedule 
    • Anticipated rail volume 

    Project Conceptual 

    • Aerial of proposed rail layout for site(s) under consideration from railroad or engineering firm 

    Cost Estimate 

    • Estimate of rail infrastructure needs that corresponds with the project conceptual from railroad or engineering firm 

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