Business & Financial Services

Business & Financial Services


A premier location for business and financial services, North Carolina is home to the 2nd largest banking center in the United States. Our top-ranked business climate, low cost of living and access to a highly educated workforce lay the perfect foundation for startups and industry stalwarts to achieve growth.

CNBC Top State for Business 2022, 2023490,000+ business and financial services workers#2 Largest Banking Center in the US
The Epicenter of Fintech Services

From fintech trailblazers like AvidXchange, LendingTree, nCINO, Payzer, and SentryOne, our state has become a nexus of growth and opportunity. By combining North Carolina’s exceptional talent with its spirit of innovation, local startups and financial giants alike have been at the forefront of innovation in the financial space.

A Tax Rate that Won’t Cut into Your Profit Margin

At 2.5 percent, North Carolina has the lowest corporate income tax rate in the United States. In fact, North Carolina offers a low tax burden across the board. The state has the lowest total effective business tax rate in the nation according to a report published by Ernst & Young and the Council on State Taxation.

The Country’s Most Educated Cities

North Carolina boasts one of the most educated workforces in the U.S. Raleigh ranks No. 5 for large cities and Durham-Chapel Hill ranks No. 5 for medium-sized cities among the Most Educated Cities in America rankings. In addition, our 52 colleges and universities ensures our talent pipeline will always be full.


Ward Nye, Martin Marietta

Ward Nye, chairman and CEO of Martin Marietta, describes why North Carolina is perfectly suited for businesses to thrive.

Industry Support

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Headquartered in Durham, where all key business operations are represented.
Learn More
The North Carolina Treasury Management Association (NCTMA)
A non-profit organization for that provides treasury professionals the opportunity to exchange ideas and information in an interactive forum featuring national, regional and local speakers.
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Carolina Fintech Hub
Focuses on programming and investments that advance the intersection and integration of fintech with incumbent financial institutions.
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Queen City Fintech
A Charlotte-based organization that provides fintech startups access to mentors, capital and leading financial services corporations.
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