Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy


With so much natural beauty across the state, it's no wonder North Carolina is a powerhouse when it comes to cleantech, wind energy, solar power, and other renewable energy sources. In 2020 alone, North Carolina was the 5th fastest-growing state in solar capacity.

Largest Wind Farm in the Southeast

The Amazon Wind Farm U.S. East, which is the first coastal wind farm to be built in the Southeast and is far larger than any other wind farm in the region.

In-state Lithium Resources

The Kings Mountain District in North Carolina is the largest known and highest quality spodumene (aka hard rock lithium) deposit in the U.S.

Top Producer of EV Chip Components

More than 60% of the critical competent silicon carbide (SiC) for EV chips are made in NC.

Top State for STEM Talent

More than 4,500 engineering diplomas were awarded in North Carolina this year.

Industry Support

Commitment to EV Infrastructure
In 2019, Duke Energy proposed the largest investment in EV infrastructure ever in the Southeast -- $76 million to spur EV adoption across NC.
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Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster
An industry-funded, industry-led initiative of business, government, academic and nonprofit leaders focused on accelerating cleantech innovation and our cleantech economy.
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FREEDM Systems Center
Dedicated to building a network of distributed energy resources that intelligently manages power using secure communications and advanced power electronics.
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Focus on Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eTVOL)
North Carolina, through NC State University, is a partner in the FAA’s ASSURE program (Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence) seeking ways to electronify aviation.
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