EDPNC Releases Report Documenting the State of the Clean Energy Industry in North Carolina

January 12, 2023

The Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina (EDPNC) today released its latest report, North Carolina: Leading the Charge to a Clean Energy Future, outlining the state’s clean energy history, the state’s current efforts in the industry and what the future looks like for the clean energy industry and economic development in North Carolina.

This comprehensive report identifies the key components in North Carolina’s success in the clean energy sector, and what is needed to continue that success for decades to come, such as:

  • A series of bipartisan legislative, executive and regulatory actions to diversify its energy portfolio and decrease dependence on fossil fuels, reduce pollution and bring new high-paying jobs to the state.
  • A renewable energy portfolio that includes clean transportation and solar, wind and nuclear energy sources.
  • A consolidated EV supply chain.
  • A pipeline of skilled workers to fill jobs and help the industry grow.
  • Resources and a rich network of public and private sector organizations that work together to achieve sustainability goals.

It is these factors and having the top business climate in the nation that attract companies, like Apple, considering access to clean energy as part of their corporate location decisions, and companies whose businesses revolve around clean energy, like VinFast, Boom and Toyota. These investments in our state have brought in more than $8 billion in capital investments and tens of thousands of new jobs.

“North Carolina is a one-stop-shop when it comes to a business’s clean energy needs,” said Christopher Chung, CEO of the EDPNC. “Our commitment to clean energy, world-class workforce, superb business climate and bipartisan legislative efforts offer the best environment for any company with clean energy on their minds to thrive.”

A digital copy of North Carolina: Leading the Charge to a Clean Energy Future can be found in the Special Interest section of the EPDNC’s publications page.