Vehicle Maker E-N-G Locating 60-Job Manufacturing Facility in Fayetteville

May 16, 2019

E-N-G Mobile Systems, a maker of specialized vehicles, will create 60 jobs as it locates its first East Coast design and manufacturing operation in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

E-N-G, which is based in Concord, California, and a related company will invest $2.3 million in the new facility. E-N-G is a leading U.S. manufacturer of specialized vehicles, including electronic news-gathering vehicles, which is what the company first started designing more than 40 years ago. Its product line has broadened to include specialized vehicles for public health and mobile laboratories, advanced technology, incident command and control, and utility services. E-N-G’s custom vehicles are now sold worldwide.

“Manufacturers know they can find the skilled workforce they need to grow here in North Carolina,” said Gov. Roy Cooper. “E-N-G was looking to expand with its first location on the East Coast near the company’s diverse customer base and North Carolina is a perfect fit.”

Salaries for the new jobs will vary by position but will average $43,558, higher than the Cumberland County average wage of $36,425.

“We are most appreciative of Gov. Cooper’s leadership in welcoming us and facilitating our expansion,” said Dr. Craig Vanderwagen, principal director of E-N-G. “We made our decision to expand here specifically because of the favorable business development climate, the availability of skilled workers, and new partnerships that offer us real opportunities for growth and success. We hope to be a positive contributor to the economic well- being of North Carolina and Cumberland County as our future unfolds.”

State Secretary of Commerce Anthony M. Copeland said “E-N-G’s new home in Fayetteville will prove to be a great move for the company as they expand their footprint here.”

The North Carolina Department of Commerce and the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina were instrumental in supporting the company’s decision.

A performance-based grant of $180,000 from the One North Carolina Fund will help facilitate E-N-G’s location of new operations in North Carolina. The One N.C. Fund provides financial assistance to local governments to help attract economic investment and to create jobs. Companies receive no money upfront and must meet job creation and capital investment targets to qualify for payment. All One NC grants require a matching grant from local governments.

In addition to North Carolina Commerce and the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina, other key partners in the project include the North Carolina General Assembly, North Carolina Community College System, Cumberland County, Fayetteville and Cumberland County’s Economic Development Corporation, and North Carolina’s Southeast.