North Carolina has several in-state companies that offer site certification programs. The certification process provided in these programs offers more shovel-ready sites and assists site selectors in making informed choices.

North Carolina ElectriCities Smart Sites Program

In today’s competitive environment, it’s rare for a company to locate on an undeveloped, unimproved property. The majority of new and expanding companies expect existing buildings or a prepared, shovel-ready site to shorten the amount of time needed for construction. Yet communities often struggle to garner the funds needed to develop inventory for economic development purposes.

North Carolina ElectriCities created the Smart Sites program to offer more shovel-ready property for economic development growth in their member communities. The valuable due diligence included in their program assists site selectors in making informed, intelligent choices. In short, the Smart Sites program simplifies the process for consultants and companies and minimizes risk to them.

Smart Sites are then marketed domestically and internationally by ElectriCities at numerous tradeshows and industry events.

To view available Smart Sites, visit North Carolina ElectriCities website.

Smart Sites, An ElectriCities Economic Development Site Qualification Program


Duke Energy Site Readiness Program

The Duke Energy Site Readiness Program is intended to identify, assess, improve and increase awareness of industrial sites in the Duke Energy service territory. The goal of the program is to increase the inventory of good industrial sites throughout the territories that Duke Energy serves and to advance the state of readiness of these sites. It is not a “site certification” process, but rather a program to help local economic development organizations find and prepare potential sites. However, a site that has successfully completed the recommendations from this program should have completed the initial steps required for certification in many states. To date, 135 sites have gone through the site readiness program in North Carolina.

To view available Duke Energy sites, visit their database.

North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives: Cooperative Ready Sites Program

Premier locations served by an electric cooperative, Cooperative Ready Sites offer completed due diligence studies – reducing uncertainty and increasing speed of development. Eligible sites receive grant funds for due diligence and an ongoing partnership with a world-renowned engineering firm for site preparation. Together with their consumer-members, North Carolina’s 26 electric cooperatives are creating a brighter future for North Carolina’s rural people and communities. In this decade and beyond, they will continue their commitment to providing reliable electricity at the lowest possible cost while also advancing the pursuit of responsible sustainability goals. Learn about all of the cooperatives’ financial resources and available technical assistance in this 30-minute video.

To view available NC Electric Cooperative sites, visit their database.

Cooperative Ready Sites