Whether your business is a startup or an established company, our team can connect you to resources to help you with everything from complying with permitting requirements and implementing cost-saving processes to finding funding, labor and workforce training programs that support business growth.

  • North Carolina’s statewide system of employee development and customized training provides one of the most highly skilled workforces in the nation — from automotive to textiles, biotechnology to agribusiness, IT to aviation. For example, NCWorks Customized Training partners with the state’s 58 community colleges to provide employee education, training and support services in all 100 counties of the state.

  • With an emphasis on customer service, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality can answer your permitting questions and offers valuable business programs such as the Environmental Stewardship Initiative. The program offers free, non-regulatory assessments and assistance to help your company reduce waste generation and water and energy consumption in ways that protect the environment while reducing your bottom line.

  • Need help creating a safe manufacturing environment or implementing “lean” processes that minimize waste? Several state agencies offer small- to mid-sized manufacturers programs that help you stay competitive, retain jobs and increase profits.

  • Need capital to expand your business or bring it to the next level? Check out our list of loan and grant resources available to support your business, including a limited number of programs for startup companies.

  • Through the state’s 2013 Strategic Transportation Investments law, North Carolina enhanced the state’s infrastructure while supporting economic growth, job creation and quality of life. Visit the state Department of Transportation website for recent infrastructure “success stories,” an interactive map of planned transportation projects and links to other DOT resources.


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