The forms needed to start or register your business in North Carolina are available in this section. Before you register your business name, check name availability with the North Carolina Secretary of State.

Assumed Business Name Forms (DBA)

Effective December 1, 2017, all certificates of assumed business names must comply with the new law, NCGS Ch. 66, Article 14A. The filing is done at your local county register of deeds. It will also be updated to a statewide database of assumed business name information, housed at the North Carolina Secretary of State’s office.

Reminder: DBA forms (A, B and C below) along with the $26 fee should be returned to your county register of deeds location.

Corporate Forms

The most commonly used forms for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Corporations and Limited Partnerships (LPs) are listed below. Complete and mail these forms to the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State, Corporations Division. The appropriate address is on the bottom of each form.

You also can register LLCs, Corporations and LPs online with the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State’s Business Registration. Call 919-814-5400 for help with the online application.

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