Clean Energy

Clean Energy

North Carolina has earned its place at the front of the clean energy transformation.

“Part of the vibrancy of North Carolina is delivering and driving change.”

Lynn Good, Duke Energy

Lynn Good, Chair, President & CEO, Duke Energy, explains how North Carolina is leading the way for clean energy transformation.

Leading Low-Carbon Energy Sources

North Carolina leads the charge on renewable energy according to a study by SmartAsset. We’ve increased our production of renewables by nearly 52% between 2014 and 2019, which is double the average of all 50 states. As the world’s topmost supplier of high purity quartz, North Carolina is a leader in providing reliable, carbon-free power.

  • #4 Installed Solar Capacity
  • #1 Offshore Wind Energy Potential on East Coast
  • Largest Wind Farm in Southeast United States
  • Top 5 Producer of Electricity from Nuclear Power
Bipartisan Commitment

North Carolina has diversified its energy portfolio by decreasing dependence on fossil fuels, reducing pollution, and bringing new high-paying jobs to the state. These actions laid the foundation for landmark bipartisan climate legislation which requires North Carolina utilities to reach carbon neutrality by 2050. Our investment in renewable energy sources have helped enable businesses to meet their sustainability goals while benefiting from some of the lowest energy costs in the country.

Pipeline of Prepared Talent

As North Carolina transitions to a clean energy economy, it’s proactively preparing a pipeline of skilled workers to help the industry grow. Our three Tier-One research universities collaborate heavily with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory research centers, while the First in Talent strategic economic development plan recognizes the importance of training workers for clean energy jobs. One-third of workers in North Carolina’s energy sectors have participated in a training program through its community college system.

Electrifying the Future of Transportation

North Carolina is a top choice for clean transportation operations. Recent investments totaling over $8 billion solidify our position as a leader in the nation’s rapidly growing EV and clean transportation sectors. Companies like Toyota, VinFast, Arrival, Forza X1, and Boom Supersonic are choosing NC for so many reasons.

  • Largest Hard Rock Lithium Source in the US
  • A Consolidated EV Supply Chain
  • Largest Utility EV Investment in the Southeast
  • National Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program

Leading the charge to a clean energy future.

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