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The Opportunities Are Here. Come Join Them.

Groundbreakers, world-beaters, fast trackers, firestarters, life balancers. You’ll find them all in North Carolina. Living and working in some of the most vibrant, growing and all-around inviting places in the country. All while making the most of an extremely friendly cost of living. Here’s just a taste of what it’s like here.
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Do Your Thing

If you’re bored here it’s only because you choose to be. North Carolina puts the “full” in a full life.

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Discover Your Place

Mountains, beaches, city living and small town charm. North Carolina has it all.

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Find Your Job

Whatever your calling, North Carolina will answer it. There’s room, and opportunity, for every career.

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All Challenging. All Rising. All Thriving.

The reasons to move to North Carolina are as diverse as the people who already call it home.

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In North Carolina, the opportunity of education is always within reach. Most residents live within a 30-minute drive of at least one of the state’s 58 community colleges. This, along with some of the most advanced technical and vocational programs in the country and 53 four-year colleges and universities, helps feed the hungry minds of an educated workforce.

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What do self-confidence, a sense of discovery and a willingness to take promising business risks have in common? They’re all made possible by first feeling secure in your surroundings. Six North Carolina cities are included in WalletHub’s Top 75 Safest Cities in America.

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You don’t have to travel the world to be worldly. North Carolina is filled with cultural opportunities for a well-rounded life. Enjoy performances by award-winning symphonies, theater troupes and art festivals, and take in the art and history found in scores of museums throughout the state.

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Your Future Awaits

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