Future Home of Toyota: 1,500-acre advanced manufacturing site in central North Carolina

Located in central North Carolina, the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite is a KPMG-certified, shovel-ready site offering a strategic location, a world-class workforce, and unparalleled transportation infrastructure.

workers within a 50-mile radius
Less Than 10 Miles Away
universities located nearby
rail line adjacent:
intermodals in Greensboro, Charlotte & Rocky Mount
3 international airports
within 100 miles: GSO, RDU, and CLT
5 ports nearby
Wilmington NC, Morehead City NC, Norfolk VA, Charleston SC, Savannah GA
low cost
below average electricity rates and construction costs
lowest corporate income tax in the U.S.
# 1 in the southeast
for manufacturing jobs

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Get the full details

Download a PDF to see maps, reports and plans detailing the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite and its potential for industrial development.

Why North Carolina

  • Favorable Business Climate

    North Carolina consistently ranks among the best business climates in the U.S.

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  • Highly Skilled Workforce

    North Carolina offers one of the nation’s most renowned education systems, creating a pipeline of trained workers.

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  • Quality of Life

    North Carolina attracts tens of thousands of newcomers every year.

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  • Convenient Market Access

    North Carolina’s central location and excellent transportation infrastructure keep freight and delivery costs low.

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  • Superior Incentives

    North Carolina's performance-based incentives can help ease your tax burden and lower overall costs to your company.

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  • More Reasons To Choose NC

    With Benefits to your business and your people, North Carolina offers ample ground for growth.

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