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November 14, 2019
Jacksonville, NC

Have you always been sending your exports under NLR on your Shippers Export Declaration (SED)? When was the last time you verified that your products do not require a license to export? Did you know that an export can require a license by 3 different ways, the product, the end user and the country of final destination? Did you know that export license violations of the Export Administration Regulations for civil penalties have been increased from $10,000 to $50,000 per violation (they can go back up to 5 years) and criminal penalties have been increased from 10 years in jail to 20 years? If you’re unfamiliar with how to use and check the commerce control list and ECCN classification, then this class is for you.

Topics Include:

  • Review U.S. export control agencies and how to find them
  • Understanding the 3 ways an export can be licensed
  • Knowing your customer – asking these 5 mandatory questions
  • Using due diligence reviewing the 7 lists from denied parties to sanctioned countries
  • How to determine if your product requires a license
  • Understanding ECCN classifications
  • ECCN country chart specific requirements
  • Reviewing/using the CCL – Commerce Control list
  • Sample questions and case study
  • Export documentation – what are you required to fillout and retain
  • How to apply for a Department of Commerce license

Seating is limited, and registration is required. The registration fee of $250 will be waived for NC companies who apply & qualify for a free seat through the STEP Program. Companies can register up to 2 employees. Participants will be surveyed 6-12 months later.

Contact Info

Jen Vogelsberg